What Is Sales force and What Does It Do?

Lots of people around the world do not know what sales force is. In fact, lots of people are searching to know what it is and are not satisfied with the answers given. So what is sales force? Sales force was built and marketed as customer management software. It was designed to help companies manage and streamline their sales operations. It also helps in empowering your sales team. Sales force provides web-based business software that helps in selling, organizing and marketing.

Current products offered by sales force include:

  • Service cloud –Helps you provide support to every customer anywhere and at any time. Provides you with anything that has to do with customers such as delivery, support, helpdesks and field services.
  • Marketing cloud –This is the future of product marketing. It is like automatic marketing.
  • Sales cloud –This helps you to work smarter in your accounts and contacts.
  • App cloud –This cloud helps build faster apps and anything your clients may need.
  • Analytics cloud –Helps you get analytics from any device.

Sales force tools help you build apps that integrate customer data. They also help automate processes. Some of the tools in the App cloud include:

  • com – This is a platform which helps developers and admins to create websites and apps with Apex that integrate into salesforce.com.
  • App exchange – This is an application that helps in building and sharing third party applications that run on Force.com
  • Sales force dxThis is a new way that developers use to manage and develop sales force apps.
  • Heroku – This gives developers the ability to create apps using different languages and tools.
  • Sales force thunder – This is a rules and data processing engine that is designed to take personalized actions and analyze events. It also provides trusted identity for partners, customers and employees to allow users to manage data and apps.
  • Sales force trailhead – This is a series of online tutorials that teach various developers how to code for sales force.
  • Sales force sandbox helps developers to test ideas safely and in an isolated environment.

Why sales force?

  1. Sales force provides you with the fastest path. You can use sales force tools to build your own app and this would save you a lot of time compared to building the infrastructure tools yourself.
  2. It is easy to use sales force. You will spend less time figuring it out and it can be customized to meet various business needs.
  3. It is scalable to your company’s or business’s growth. As your company grows or continues to change rapidly, you need not to worry about sales force.
  4. It integrates with 3rd party apps. You can integrate it with Gmail or other accounting software. Integrating it with other apps is difficult but it can be done.

If you consider its vast variety of capabilities, it is very affordable. You can even use it as soon as you start up a business.

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