Web Hosting: Determining Your Needs

When creating a new website, choosing the right web hosting company is essential. When it comes to hosting services, there is no one size fits all solution. Every website has different needs. Before you even begin looking at website plans, you first must consider your unique needs.

Type of Website

The very first thing you should figure out is which type of website you are building. You could be creating a static HTML, WordPress, Ghost, or other types of site. Each different website style needs different technical requirements for their web host. This is why it is important to first determine how your site will be built.

Expected Traffic

How much web traffic do you expect your site to gain when you are starting out? Be realistic with your estimation. Hosting services are tiered to handle different levels of traffic. Most new sites will not experience a lot of traffic to start. Look for a host that can handle your initial traffic levels and can be scaled up when your site becomes more popular.

File Size

You also want to choose a host that can handle the amount of data that you will be storing and serving. The larger the file, the more bandwidth and storage space you need. Sites with lots of high-quality images and videos will need more storage and bandwidth than text-based websites.


Set a budget for your web hosting. Compare website pricing between a few different hosts so you can find the best service for your money. If you have a smaller budget, you may need to compromise on a few extra features. If your budget is flexible, you can benefit from spending a little more for added benefits.


Every website needs some sort of security features. However, specific types of sites need more security than others. For example, if you are processing customer credit cards or storing passwords and emails, you will need stronger security measures in place.

Email Hosting

This is an added feature that can benefit a lot of businesses. With email hosting, you can set up email accounts associated with your domain like [email protected] If this is appealing to you, try to find a web hosting service that offers this feature.

From bandwidth to website pricing, there is a lot to consider when picking out a web hosting service. By figuring out what you need from a hosting service, you can ensure you choose the right service that will be able to handle your growing website for years to come.

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