Ways to protect your house?

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Houses are gifted by god to us because it is the place where we live peacefully with our family members. Everyone don’t get a peaceful house because there are so many problems we have to face to build a house such as, land issues, legal issues, lack of architects and other money issues etc. even after we built the house still we have so many problems with regard to protecting that house.

Why do we want to protect the house?

We spend huge amount of money to build our dream house but after building that we failed to protect that house. The first thing we have to decide ‘who are the enemies of our house?’ or ‘from whom we have to protect our house?’ the answers will be burglars, weather, insects and other animals. These are the important factors which will be a threat to maintain our house. Burglary is a crime and it will cause severe lose to the house owner and these days burglars also using modern techniques to do their jobs because of that it’s hard to catch them by polies. Weather is another thing which can change our house upside down. The reason is, thundering, lightning, snow and heat these all can be cause dangerous consequences to the house and it its nature disease which cannot be fully control by human beings. Insects and other animals such as rats, dust mites and termites can also effect the peace of the house.

How can we protect the house?

We have discussed about the issues with regard to protect the house, now we have to see that how can we solve that issues. To protect the house from burglary what we can do is appointing a security guard who can stop the entry of thieves, when the actual owner is not staying at home hire a house sitter to maintain the day to day routine of the house. Moreover we are living in a modern world on which everything included human being has replaced with new technological machines. Accordingly, to protect our houses from burglary we can fix a sensor in surrounding walls then when a Person trespass the alarm will ring and aware the house owners. Also there are CCTV camera system which helps to secure the entire house by using the computer system or mobile phones, once we fix the cameras at the house and we can watch it through our monitors, TV and mobile phones. It helps the police to catch the thieves easily.

To protect our house from the other issues such as weather, insects and other animals, here what we can do is we have to get a proper housing plan when we build a house, because the housing pan differs from house to house according to their surroundings. And also by build a protective fence, choose wall paints which is waterproof and stand against all kind of climates and by doing a pest control we can get rid of insects and other animals.

Therefore it is always important to protect our dream house, we can conclude it simply saying if we protect our house then the house will also protect us.


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