Using Your Biochemistry Degree To Save Lives

Transitioning from university study to industry can be difficult for idealistic biochemistry graduates. Working in the pharmaceutical industry, however, has some real advantages for new biochemists. In fact, each year, analytical bio chemistry laboratories hire thousands of graduates to work on pharmaceutical testing, development, manufacturing, and packaging. If you want to save lives, you can likely put your biochemistry degree to work in analytical chemistry testing laboratories.

Working in the Testing Lab

The pharmaceutical industry relies on chemistry testing labs for analytical support. If you are good at analyzing chemical compounds, you might be successful working in one of these labs. Depending on the company, you might work with drug compounds, dosages, or raw materials. By following a carefully prescribed scientific method for both qualitative and quantitative testing, you might help move pharmaceuticals from development through manufacturing. Eventually, your education and skills might help deliver a lifechanging medication to an ailing patient.

Keeping Records

In any scientific endeavor, precise recordkeeping is critical. If you are a new biochemist, you likely understand how to create, catalog, and research records. While the task is somewhat unglamorous, it helps researchers develop important pharmaceutical compounds. If, however, it happens to be your forte, you might prove to be an invaluable part of the team in analytical bio chemistry laboratories.

Developing Compounds

If you aren’t keen on testing pharmaceuticals or cataloging records, you might opt to work in drug development. While the skillset is somewhat the same as testing, the job duties might vary considerably. For biochemists who develop compounds, patience is key. To succeed, you must be willing to make incremental progress and suffer substantial setbacks. You must also be willing to devote time to reading scholarly journals and thinking about drug interactions. With time, though, you might discover a lifesaving breakthrough.

Packaging Products

Many biochemists think about developing, making, or testing compounds. Few give much thought to safely and efficiently delivering products to patients. Nonetheless, developing shipping protocols is essential to any pharmaceutical manufacturing firm. To succeed, you must rely on consistency, recall mitigation, and efficiency. If you are good at solving problems and tackling logistics, you might want to consider using your new biochemistry degree to develop packaging for pharmaceutical compounds.

You don’t have to set your ideals aside to work in the pharmaceutical industry. On the contrary, analytical bio chemistry laboratories can probably use your help in developing, manufacturing, or shipping lifesaving compounds. If you want to make a difference, then, you might consider a career in an analytical testing lab.

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