Unique Holidays in the UK

Great Britain has a treasure trove of quiet, unseen areas, tucked away in secluded villages, waiting to be discovered. Having such diversity, gives the UK much appeal to the tourist, and with so much history and culture, there is something for everyone. Alternative holidays are the in-thing at the moment, and here are some unusual ways to spend your downtime in the UK.

The Lake District

One of the jewels of England, set in a mountainous area of the North West, in the county of Cumbria, the Lake District was founded as a national park in 1951. This region is the home to the two biggest bodies of fresh water in England, namely Windermere and Wastwater lakes. The natural splendour of the Lake District makes it a big attraction for nature lovers, with bird spotting a very popular activity.

Outdoor activities

The range of outdoor things to do continues to draw people from all walks of life, and with William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter born within these beautiful hills, there is a literary tradition. Kayaking holidays are always popular in the summer months, and there are spectacular hiking and biking trails to be explored. There is traditional accommodation at Windermere, and you can visit the school Wordsworth attended in Hawkshead, and then visit his old home called Dove Cottage. William Wordsworth was buried in St Oswald’s Church, where you can pay your respects.


Located on the far southwestern tip of the British Isles, Cornwall has a colourful seafaring history, and a unique culture. Moorland and sandy beaches take you along until you reach Land’s End, the very tip of the country. The mild climate and spectacular landscapes make Cornwall a popular holiday destination, and with a diversity of terrain, offers the hiker and biker a wonderful backdrop.

The windy county

Cornwall is surrounded by seas on three sides, making it a very windy county. Trees do not tend to grow straight, rather at an angle that is carved out by the never ending winds that travel across the landscape. This climate is very exhilarating, and with an active schedule, your circulation and general health will benefit from the experience.


The Cornish people have always been mariners, and there are some stunning museums of traditional vessels, not forgetting the lighthouses found along the coastal line. Cornish food has to be experienced, and a Cornish pasty is a delicacy that this magical county is known for.

Easy access

There are two airports that service Cornwall, at Newquay and Exeter, and with excellent rail and road links, you can be transported into another world in a matter of hours. Adventure holiday companies like to use Cornwall as a location, mainly because of the terrain and the temperate climate.

Holiday insurance

Adventure holidays attract a higher level of risk, so you should take out adequate insurance. If your holiday was booked in the UK, you might be able to make a claim, should you suffer an injury while holidaying. For more information on this, check out www.ukclaimlawyers.co.uk, where an experienced claims lawyer will be happy to assist you.

Unique holidays are abound in the British Isles, and with such diversity and natural beauty, there are many attractive locations that offer the perfect holiday environment.

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