Top 5 Gold Chains Designs for Hip Hop Enthusiasts

Hip hop music genre is popular among young teenagers as well as grown men. Needless to say, music transcends every barrier, be it languages, borders or age. Through music people connect with each other and it gives people a sense of belonging in this world. They find solace through the fact that someone, on the other side of the world is facing the same problems as them. Music is also a huge comfort, people turn to when they are in pain, whether it is physical or mental, does not matter. People can have different taste when it comes to musicbut the factor that plays a huge role in that, is the appearance associated with that music genre. In this case, the gold chains!

You can spot a rapper easily in a crowd through the number of gold chains he or she is wearing. Gold chain has become an identity in itself in the world of hip hop. Following are some chain designs that are seen frequently on rappers, you can get gold chain online to evoke your inner rapper.

The Franco

The Francois the basic gold chain design and it is approximately 4mm in thickness. These chains are considered daily wear gold chains due to their simplicity and convenience. You can wear the Franco on any casual outfit but if are buying these chains,then it recommended that you accessorize them with an hip hop outfit.

The Gucci Link

The Gucci Link is perfectly wearable gold chain for women. For females who are interested in hip hop and want to make a fashion statement with going overboard on their street style outfit, Gucci Link chains are the most appropriate option. The oval shaped hooks weave into each other and with it being 11mm in thickness, it creates an instant eye-catching effect. It also does not require a pendant because the chain itself is more than enough.

The Herringbone Chain

The Herringbone chain is unusual, due to its weaving pattern it cannot sport a pendant with it. However, it is popular among rappers and they like to wear several herringbone chains in different sizes at the same time. It comes it variable thickness and sizes. You can get information on herringbone gold chain designs with price on the internet.

Tennis Row chain

The single tennis row chain incorporates a single row of round and clear cut stones that will bedazzle anyone who catches a glimpse of it. The tennis row chain is thin approximately 4mm in thickness that provides a sophisticated look to its wearer. However, rappers can wear many chains at the same time because in the world of hip hop,the more rudely you flaunt your wealth, the better.

Miami Cuban Chain

Hip hop music has its root along the coast of Miami. The Cuban were the once who created this music locally which spread in the whole wide world and is now one of the most successful music genre. The Miami Cuban chains are the representation of that history. These chains are not intricate but very basic in their design. You can wear a Miami Cuban gold chain with pendant anytime you want because they are sturdy and durable.

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