Tips for Getting Started With Your New Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set

Aromatherapy essential oilsmay help you relax, clear your sinuses, gain mental clarity and much more. Here are a few tips to help you get started with your new essential oils set.

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils

Start by doing a bit of research into the aromatherapy properties typically associated with each essential oil included in your set. For example, lavender may help with relaxation, grapefruit may help boost metabolism, eucalyptus may help clear sinuses and peppermint may help improve mental focus. You can even choose two or more oils to use together, if you’d like to create a personalized blend.

Next, decide how you’d like to experience your aromatherapyessential oils. Oneoption is to use adiffuser device. There are many different diffuser types, but typically you’re supposed to add distilled water and a few drops of your chosen oil or oils to a holding tank, and the device works to automatically release the oils into the air over time. Alternately, you could dilute a few drops of your chosen aromatherapy oils in a carrier oil such as olive oil and place the diluted blend in a dropper bottle to create your own homemade perfume. Another option is to make your own aromatherapy spray mist by putting a few drops of essential oil into a spray bottle filled with distilled water, and perhaps adding a bit of witch hazel to keep the oils properly dispersed in the mixture. It’s best to store any blends you create in a cool, dark place and in dark-colored glass bottles, as exposure to sunlight and heat can cause the oils to deteriorate.

Important Safety Considerations When Using Essential Oils

There are also some important safety considerations to take into account when getting ready to use your new essential oils set. Children, pregnant women and people with certain medical conditions may have sensitivities to certain essential oils, so before getting started, be sure to check with your doctor first. You should also always store these products securely away in a location where they cannot be accidentally accessed by children or pets. When working with pure, undiluted essential oils, be sure to take appropriate precautions—such as gloves and safety glasses—toprevent the contact of the oils with the skin, eyes, and mucus membranes, and be aware that aromatherapy oils shouldtypically not be used internally, especially not by the untrained consumer. Always use a carrier substance of some kind to dilute your oils before use, no matter whether you’re using them in spray, droplet or mist form, and remember that a few drops go a long way. It’s also good to be aware that some oils, such as bergamot and grapefruit, even when applied to the skin ina significantly diluted form, may make the skin more photosensitive, so it’s important to stay out of the sun and to protect your skin from any other source of ultraviolet rays after using them.

Aromatherapy essential oilshave a myriad of potentially beneficial uses. Experiment with the oils that work best for your purposes, and discover how much fun it can be to create and use your own personal blends. Exploring the world of essential oils can be fascinating. You might even find yourself looking to add to your collection before you know it.

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