How to take care of your fashion jewellery

Most of us buy jewellery enthusiastically and then once we’ve worn it, it spends a lot of time lying around in our drawer before we need it again. If you happen to be someone like this, then you’re aware what happens to your jewellery. You may find it tarnished, and the golden and silvery shine fading off. All your pieces of jewellery are an investment towards a good looking, fashionable future. Here’s how you can take care of it.

1) Keep it dry

The number one enemy for all your beautiful shiny jewellery is water. It’s an absolute must to keep it dry. This means you have to be careful while you wash your hands or utensils or almost anything. Take your jewellery off first thing when you get home. Make sure you wear it last after you’re done with your makeup and hair.

2) Jewellery box? Maybe not.

Having a jewellery box like the royal family might sound like a great idea, but storing all your jewellery in one big box isn’t helpful. The jewellery is made from different materials and could lead to corrosion. The best way to store it is in different compartments. You could also get some tiny zip-lock bags and store your pieces of jewellery in separate ones. If zip-lock bags don’t sound exotic enough, you could also try velvet or silk pouches. Store all your fashion jewellery in a shoe box so you can find it all in one place.

3) To coat or not to coat?

This is always a tough one. As long as you take good care of your jewellery, you need not use a coat. All you need to do is wipe it clean before you put it back in your jewellery box. Seal your zip-lock bags to make sure no moisture enters it. The only good reason to coat your jewellery is if it is causing you a body rash. You can coat the inner side with a layer of transparent nail polish to avoid itching or damage to your skin.

4) Occasionally only!

Most fashion accessories are not made for daily use. They’re delicate and should be worn occasionally. Wearing it every day is a definite way to reduce its shelf life. You could buy separate pairs to wear for different occasions to match different pieces of clothing and make an ensemble. That way you can invest in different items and keep them for long term use. No matter how much you love a particular piece, let it enjoy its moments of beauty sleep in your jewellery box before you use it again.

5) Where and when

Pick your jewellery pieces carefully depending on the occasion, the weather and the location. Wearing it to a pool party could ruin your favourite piece, even during the rains. What you could do is wear it once you reach the location or pick pieces that are not as susceptible to tarnish or rust.


Worried about your fashion jewellery wearing off its elegance? Here are some ways to take care of your fashion jewellery so you can preserve it and use it longer.

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