Prospective Job Opportunities for Someone with a Creative Writing Degree

If creative writing is your forte, then you must be well aware of specialized degree of ‘Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing’ offered by the American universities. These MFA graduates are mostly hired by big publishing houses or teaching positions in the universities and colleges.

Job Opportunities

With so many PhD programs initiated in creative writing, few MFA graduates go for teaching jobs at the college level. Most of them enroll themselves in PhD programs. While a minuscule part ends up teaching English composition and creative writing as faculty for any educational institute. A small minority go for book publishing contracts with the publishers.

Post-MFA Careers

A survey conducted by Seattle Pacific University on the MFA pass out in 2010 reveals that 50 percent students have joined jobs connected with creative writing while 40 percent are into freelance writing. Writers having an aptitude for technology has wider prospects for getting well-paid Technical writing jobs.

There is steady work flow for copywriters who are of online marketing and SEO works. There is numerous scope for making a career out of creating writing specialization. Many of us think that we can really make a good living by writing all day long.

Below are few areas where there are job opportunities for MFA Graduate to perform:

Journalism / freelance article writing: When one hears about “journalism,” then the first thing that comes to mind is “newspaper reporting” or similar profile. But there are numerous platforms you encounter right from the website, newsletters to institutional publications there is a huge requirement for content writers across everywhere.

You can start by writing in your university’s alumni magazine, followed by writing for institutions, who are into own institutional publications, to writing for media publications and once you settle a bit, you can be little pricey.

There is a constant demand for writers in the field of creative writing, who can make a breakthrough. As a journalist, his work typically involves interviewing, research, creating a compelling narrative, etc.

Marketing / advertising: There is a wider scope for writers in the field of marketing and advertising as a lot of creativity is involved right from conceptualization to the writing, design, production, etc. There is a constant need to hire writers, multimedia specialists, boutique programmers, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, etc. So, be it freelancing or full-time work, but there’s a lot many people who make great careers doing it.

Ultimately, it’s not the degree that matters. If you have a flair for writing, then you can certainly opt for creative writing to make a living. Creative Writing, unlike other profession doesn’t need much of a training. It is about engaging in a work you’re passionate about and honing your skills as a writer.

So, if you have any such plan, after you complete your graduation, learn the art of entrepreneurship. A graduate with a degree in creative writing isn’t enough. A good writer with the ability to sell your skill wins the race. A writer has to make its own way. However, in case you want to gain experience before you start something on your own, then join This write-up service company offer lucrative job opportunities for writers having a skill of creative writing.

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