New and Efficient Lifting Alternatives

A stacker lift can be an excellent alternative to forklifts in many industries that consistently require heavy lifting. Forklifts have long been standard equipment even though they are often expensive to purchase, require a license to run, and can be difficult to maintain. Forklift drivers are required to undergo special training and acquire operators’ licenses in order to operate this heavy and potentially dangerous equipment. A newer alternative requires no formal licensing and can be useful for a range of lifting tasks.

Is a Stacker Lift Suitable for Your Needs?

Depending on the amount of weight you need to be able to lift, an electric stacker lift might be an ideal solution. This lift equipment can be very efficient and reduce the risk of workplace injuries or equipment malfunctions. Electric lifts have much smaller footprints than standard forklifts and can be easily maneuvered through tight aisles in a warehouse, narrow corridors, or other close spaces.

Some lifts are all-in-one systems operated by a combination of hand power and an electric screw drive lift that runs on a standard off-the-shelf 12 volt rechargeable battery. Rather than dealing with a gas-powered forklift or a battery-powered model that requires constant attention to ensure that the levels of distilled water required for proper battery operation are maintained, consider a newer alternative that can often complete more than 100 lift cycles on a single fullcharge.

Electric Lift Assembly and Customization

A lift could be purchased as a customized base unit with a variety of options for height or with a variety of interchangeable accessories for an assortment of lifting needs. It may even be possible to customize a system more completely for your specific lifting needs. The basic lifting equipment can be capable of handling heavy equipment in a number of ways including stacking and lifting, shifting and positioning, raising or lowering, carrying or towing, and even rolling.

These lifts may also feature wheels for easy use as well as disk brakes that allow for safe stopping and equipment control. The combination of precisely designed wheels and brakes should allow a stacker lift to be operated on a variety of different surfaces. In addition to these essential features, a wide variety of accessories may be available to allow for different specialized lifting tasks. No tools should be required to switch out modular attachments, which can range from long bent or straight forks to different sizes of pallets or trays and even a pail lifter.

Opt For Safety and Efficiency

If you are reluctant to buy or replace a forklift and are looking for a safer and more efficient option that does not require specialized training or licensing in order to be used, you might want to consider an electric stacker lift. Look for high-quality equipment that is capable of being customized to lift a variety of heavy objects to a wide range of specified heights. The standard rechargeable batteries in these models can make them a preferable alternative to forklifts or other lift models that might not be as customizable, efficient, safe, or reliable.

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