Never Let a Crisis Sneak Up on You

It is more than likely that your business will experience a crisis at some point. The depth of the situation will depend on the strategies put in place by your crisis management PR team. This group is one facet which performs a significant role within your enterprise.  In an emergency, the clock is against you. Your strategists should have a plan in place so that your company can move forward as smoothly as possible.

Remember the Seven P’s

Prior proper planning prevents pitifully poor performances. Acknowledge that a crisis will occur; once you have done this, you will need to devise a plan of action and allow for contingencies. Be aware of how the situation shifts so you can make any necessary adjustments. The key to ensuring that what begins as a crisis does not devolve into devastation, is preparation.

Consult your PR agency’s crisis management services and determine the best preemptive steps for your company. Many agencies will offer risk assessment, crisis communication strategy development, response materials, and even crisis management and media training.

Transparency and Accountability

Consider your business as an eco-system; each branch and division plays a vital role without which the company cannot properly function. As digital media has become a fundamental aspect of business to consumer relations, the more visible a company’s processes have become. That eco system is now encased in a fishbowl-like state.

The internal procedures are under more scrutiny as shareholders, customers and employees demand an unprecedented standard of transparency. Accountability is being tested in new ways as well. You may need to take a hard look at the responsible parties in a crisis. While the blame may not be the sole ownership of one party, recognize your company’s role, and have your crisis plan in place to move forward with the appropriate action.

The Role of Social Media

The twenty-first century is a digital world; information is king and the smartphone is its scepter. When considering crisis management services, you should reflect on your organization’s social media presence. It is a near certainty that, should a crisis occur, several phones will be out recording the event to share it with the world; possibly before you even have a chance to address the situation.

If you have worked with a team on crisis management PR, then you have probably covered social media management. It is true that social media has been used to showcase the unfortunate attributes of an organization which, when left unaddressed, can have severe consequences.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Turn it into an opportunity to engage directly with the public. This amplifies that your company is dedicated to reliable customer service and that you are working tirelessly towards a resolution.

There will not always be a straight forward path when it comes to public relations. Public opinion and scrutiny often changes with the weather, and your business may rely on the favor of the community. Working with a team dedicated to crisis management services can help your firm stay in front of the situation and remain connected with your consumers.

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