Moving Doesn’t Have to Be a Haul


There are countless benefits to choosing Orange County self storage, even some you may not have thought of. Here are foursurprising benefits of using these self storage units in Orange County.

Ground-level Access

Moving boxes into storage is no easy task. Boxes are big and bulky. They can easily slip from your hands, and if something is breakable in there, you could have a big, unnecessary mess on your hands. An added complication to moving boxes into storage is stairs. Imagine trying to awkwardly lift boxes while trying to make sure you safely make the steps. Well, at Orange County self storage, access to your storage is already at ground level. No need to worry about agonizing stairs or fear of damage to your belongings. With Box-N-Go, ground-level access to your self storage units in Orange County is free.

Storage Units Stave Off Mold and Mildew

There are enough small details that you have to worry about when moving storage, but moisture can be a big problem if you don’t consider what it could do to your items. Once mold starts in your storage boxes, it can easilytake over your neatly wrapped items, like clothing, plastic toys, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks and memorable photos. Mildew is another culprit that you don’t want to have to battle during an important move. The storage units at Orange County self storage are breathable, so customers can put that fear to rest. These strong moving containers are 8 feet by 5 feet, and 7 feet high. By their estimates, self storage units in Orange County can hold nearly two rooms worth of items.

Avoid Getting Behind the Wheel

Leave the driving to us. After preparing all your boxes; after sorting your items; after carefully wrapping your prized possessions and keepsakes, there’s still another step to take—transporting them to the new location. When it’s time to transport all those boxes, skip the U-Haul and call Box-N-Go. Even better, they’ll come to you to carry all your storage items to their new destination. And that destination can be anywhere in the country. When you have to bring all those containers into your new home, you’ll have ample time to do so. And if you have extra items that you’re not sure what to do with right then, feel free to keep them at Orange County self storage until you know their next destination. Then, tell employees when and where, and they’ll deliver those boxes, anytime in a three-hour span.

Affordability vs Hidden Fees

When you choose self storage units in Orange County for your moving needs, affordability is the name of the game. Other companies can have hidden fees. For example, you might need to pay for truck rental insurance, but then again, you might not. How would you know for sure? And what if the truck breaks down? The price just went up on your moving experience. Having to schedule the move around your work life can lead to lost wages and loss of much-needed vacation time. When you cut out extra expenses, like renting the truck, you’ve made the experience that much easier.

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