Why is Mangalsutra Sacred to Indian Women and What are the Benefits of Wearing it

Mangalsutra is auspicious jewellery worn by Indian married woman. It has exotic and offbeat design that is no match for any other piece of jewellery. This is sacred Indian jewellery worn by women in India after they get married. It is said to be a bond and a union that blends two souls together in a single thread.

The Origin

This is a kind of jewellery that has very high regard even in the modern, contemporary India. Over a period of time, the traditional mangalsutra designs have been modified with some design elements. Diamonds and other gemstones have been used in the design. The groom’s family purchases the mangalsutra for his bride. All working women prefer a mangalsutra that is smaller in size. The traditional mangalsutra have elaborate designs and are heavier in their make. Today, you can purchase from an array of mangalsutra designs.

 Benefits of wearing a mangalsutra

  1. A mangalsutra worn around the neck destroys negative energy around the wearer.
  2. The black thread of the mangalsutra absorbs all the negativity surrounding the body.
  3. Bead stringed together signify that women have to string along in the family.
  4. Anxiety, pain, and dizziness is also reduced when you wear a mangalsutra.
  5. The golden beads in the mangalsutra signify the fire element that helps keep the energy of the body active.
  6. A woman wearing a mangalsutra is supported by this fire element.
  7. This is also a kind of protective energy that protects women from any kind of harmful energies.
  8. Today, the diamond designs in mangalsutra are mostly preferred.
  9. The pendants of the mangalsutra are designed in decorative motifs.
  10. Colorful stones and embellishments are used in designing the pendant of mangalsutra.
  11. The original design of using black and golden beads is always retained.
  12. Modern day designs of mangalsutra go well with all kinds of clothes and designs.

Design motifs in mangalsutra

Peacock motifs and other floral motifs are used in the pendant designs of mangalsutra. You can buy from diamond mangalsutra designs, which have always been in vogue. You can choose from a single or a double string mangalsutra. Various design elements are used to make the design stand out. You can also buy mangalsutra sets, which come with earring designs similar to that of the pendant. Gold mangalsutra designs go well with ethnic clothing. Mangalsutra design pendants are also available in henna designs. They look classy and go well with the traditional Indian, ethnic clothing.

Offbeat mangalsutra pendant designs

You can choose to purchase mangalsutra that has offbeat pendants in fancy designs and motifs. They are made in gold and studded in diamonds. You can also get a customized mangalsutra pendant designed. Choose from a variety of mangalsutra designs online for a lifelong wear. Pearls along with diamonds are used in these designs. White gold and silver is also used in designing the mangalsutra pendants.


Mangalsutra is sacred and has traditional values. Those who love to wear the bold look can go for the contemporary designs that blend well with all kinds of outfits. Mangalsutra symbolizes a sacred union of man and a woman. This is the kind of a bond that is vowed to last for a lifetime.

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