When to Hire an Immigration Lawyer in New York

The term immigration law refers to the regulations that govern the admission, entry, and status of individuals who wish to migrate to the United Stated of America. An immigration attorney or lawyer is a professional who practices immigration law.

Millions of people migrate to the United States each year for various reasons. Some of them come in on dependent visas while others are pursuing their jobs or studies. Irrespective of your reasons, any person who wishes to travel to the United States on a temporal or permanent basis must go through the process of immigration. The role of an immigration lawyer is very important to this respect. However, it is not a must for you to always hire an immigration lawyer. You can go through some of the processes on your own but the good thing with hiring a lawyer is that it will speed up the immigration process. For example, an applicant who was rejected in his first attempt can increase his chances of admission in the second attempt by hiring an Immigration Lawyer in New York.

Nevertheless, an individual who is travelling to the United States on a student Visa to pursue his studies may not require an immigration lawyer. In addition, if you secure an employment opportunity in the USA, your employer will get a lawyer who will look after all the procedures.  Similarly, a person who is going on a visiting visa can get permission from the embassy in his country and hence will not be expected to hire a lawyer. Now the question remains, when do you need an immigration lawyer? First, you must hire an immigration lawyer if you are permanently migrating to the United States or applying for a green card. Here are some more conditions that can force you to hire an immigration lawyer;

You will always be asked if you have been involved in a criminal case while filling your application. Never try to hide the truth because most of your details like fingerprints are in the records and all immigration officers can access this information. You may face deportation if you try to hide some facts. Just provide any details of criminal cases or court proceedings. In such circumstances, it can be difficult to get through the immigration process and hiring a lawyer can be quite beneficial. These professionals understand immigration laws in and out and they know how to get over them.

Most people who were rejected during their first attempt like visiting immigration lawyers. Immigration professionals know all the loopholes and rules and its worthy enough to hire them. In addition, its prudent to engage an immigration lawyer if you have filed for immigration and there was no response or it is taking too long. Well established immigration lawyers have close contacts with the USCIS employees and they will speed up the process and help you to get approval.

It can also be beneficial to contact an immigration attorney if you have made a green card application and your employer is not willing to get you an immigration attorney. Finally, immigration law is time consuming and quite cumbersome. Getting through this process is not an easy task. Its better to get an individual who is well versed with immigration law to guide you through the whole process.

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