Features to Consider When Buckling Up Your Belt

They shine.They flip.They fasten.They hold everything together.

Belt buckles may seem basic, but they are anything but nowadays – especially military belt buckles. In fact, they are a staple for most.Noted for fashion and function, they are coveted for the sleek and simple flip-top and slide design. They also add so much panache to a man’s or woman’s outfit with minimal effort!

Over the years, the styles and choices for buckles have morphed and evolved into a sea of creative and imaginative selections. In fact, without knowing what to look for, it can easily become overwhelming. So, before you dive right in to find some military style belt buckles wholesale, you may want to mull over these buckle features for achieving the look you want!

What Kind of Metal?

When identifying the best material for your military belt buckles, think about what metal you like most among iron, steel, and brass.All are of solid quality, but they will have a slightly different feel and weight to them.

Type of Finish

The subtle finish or shade of color on the buckle will alter the overall vibe of the piece.Are you into black, antique, matte, or perhaps copper or lacquer?That added touch will make a difference, so choose what will work best for your wardrobe.

Buckle Size and Shape

Are you looking for big and wild or simple and manageable?

The standard military style belt buckle width is 1.25”, but they are also available extra wide at 1.5” for those who want a little more substance.Either will work well, it just depends on what feels best for your waist.You are also no longer limited to only oval or rectangular buckle shapes, either. If you can dream up a shape, you’ll likely be able to find one to bring home with you!

Any Add-Ons?

Ultimately, what kind of look do you want to achieve when wearing your buckle? Are you more vintage, understated, hippy, or perhaps even garish in style? If you are thinking bold, look to incorporate printed and stamped designs or tack on colorful beads and crystals!

Whatever it is that you want and need for your military style belt buckles wholesale, just know your possibilities are endless and you will look sharp and be sharp with one of the finest and longstanding creations ever made.

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