Essential ingredients of a successful law school admission essay

A law school essay is a personal statement about yourself. Of all the requirements and documents that will be submitted with your law school application, this is the one that you have the most control over.

This is where you can have a direct influence on what the admissions committee will think of you and why you should be chosen over all the other applicants. Your essay is your opportunity to prove why you would be an excellent lawyer.

Writing first class law essays can be quite a task especially for those taking law for the first time. This article shares three key things to note when writing your law school essay;

  1. Communication Skills

As an attorney, you are expected to have above-par, even exceptional communication skills. Your admission essay, thus, is a perfect platform to showcase these skills.

Of course, your essay doesn’t have to appear as the work of multiple awardswinning author, but as a future lawyer. The ability to present ideas skillfully is essential to success in the legal profession, and good writing is a very strong indicator of these communication skills.

  1. Motivation

The admissions committee expects your essay to answer an obvious question: Why?

Why choose this college and not the next one? Why do you think you’ll make an excellent addition to our student body? Why do you think you’ll make a good lawyer? The committee is looking for your motivation to getting into the law school.

They need to know if you decided on a whim, or because you want to prove your peers that you can get admission into a reputable law school. Or maybe you want to impress your family, or perhaps it’s been a lifelong dream of yours to be an attorney.

In short, your reasons for getting into law school, thus, have to be strong enough to support your application. An artificial reason like impressing family or your mates won’t ever cut it.

The law school wants to know that you want to get inside, that you want to be a lawyer. They need to be convinced why they should consider your application.

Your single, individual goal in the essay, thus, is to prove to the admissions officer that you belong to their school and thatyou will work hard once you get inside.

  1. Personality

As mentioned earlier, above anything, the admissions committee seek out character and personality in your essay. In other words, they often want to believe that you are areal human.

The admissions committee has never seen you nor spoken to you. Whatever they know about you is what is depicted in your transcripts, factual information in your application, and most importantly, what is written in your statement. They just want you to be you.

Combine all these rudiments, and you’ll have a winning law school essay on your hands.However, if this seems like a lot of work, or you simply need more guidance on the same, provides a variety of essay services that may interest you. Visit the site for more information.

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