What Are DUI Accidents and How to Deal with Such Cases Effectively

DUI accidents stand for “Driving under the Influence” (DUI). This is the term used for driving under alcoholic condition. The habitual devastating and destructive behavior of these impaired drivers impose a huge burden of injury and/or death to not just themselves, but also to the innocent victims too.

Getting the right assistance of a specialized DUI accident lawyer will help in effectively handling the case and provide necessary compensation to aid in the victim’s recovery.

Who are the possible offenders committing such traffic accidents?

DIU condition is habitual, as nearly 1/3 of such arrests are repeated offenders. This behavior is directly related to age of the driver.  As per the reports produced by the “Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration” it was found that drivers who fall in the age group of 21 to 25 years are more prone to committing the crime.  The probabilities of such cases decline steadily for age group more than 25 years.

What does the law say in respect to DIU case?

Anyone who results in an accident when driving under the effect of alcoholic substance is considered to be negligent. Though a driver who is found to be responsible for DUI has the duty to pay for the damages, but not just he will only be responsible for the negligence.

Who is the third party liable for the case?

Not just the driver, all those providers of alcohol are also held liable for the negligence and have to pay for the damages. There are several states that have laws prescribed to impose liability on clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants that supply liquor unethically and illegally to people.

All the businesses that run this business should exercise due care. They should not serve anyone who seems to be obviously drunk. Even people who are outside of such liquor business like a host of a party can also be liable for the damage. They can supply liquor to a driver who then commits an accident that results in injury or death of the other person.

What should be done when became a victim of a DIU accident?

When faced with a DIU accident, the best thing one can do is to seek assistance of a DUI accident attorney.  These lawyers have sound knowledge of all the laws and regulations in relation to this case. Their assistance not just instills confidence in the victim but also provides a ray to hope to get favorable decision from the court to help in their early recovery.

These lawyers are aware of the ‘Statute of Limitations” that demands a lawsuit to be filed before the applicable expiration date. The right lawyer helps in protecting the rights of the victim and provides them the possible monetary and other forms of compensation that they deserve.


Due to this drunk and drive condition, nearly 1/3 of all deaths happen in the US every year. Lawyers that specialize in DUI accident cases fight to ensure these innocent victims are properly compensated for reckless and selfish act of DUI offenders.

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