How To Choose And Maintain Interior Wooden Doors

Wooden doors bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to your home. The kind of treatment the wooden doors face daily like shoe scuffs, hand prints, dirt, etc. worn out their beauty. If you have recently installed a new wooden door or if you are planning on renovating the old doors with new ones, then learning about choosing the right door and providing adequate maintenance becomes a priority to keep them functional and in a pristine condition for a long time.

Choosing the door

Nowadays the interior doors come in a variety of styles, sizes and types. They could be made from woods like walnut, cherry or oak, etc. and could be double, four, six or eight panelled. You can choose a solid wood or hollow construction and they could be unfinished or finished. With the availability of wide collection of Langų gama, UAB front doors, it ensures that you will find the ideal door that suits your needs and budget.

  • Finished doors – In pre-finished wooden doors, you can choose the type of finish you want such as oil or varnish finish from the available choices of pre-finished doors. Depending on your choice you should also enquire whether the seller will be able to provide products and stains used in the door in case of a future repair.
  • Unfinished doors, on the other hand, allow you the select a door type then choose a finish that you want to apply. It leaves the decision in your hands whether you want a natural looking door or something exotic or different.

Veneered wooden doors

These doors have a solid or hollow core of wood. This core could be a fibreboard or particle board that’s covered by a wood Veneer of good quality, attached using bonding agents or glue. The wooden type and the Veneer thickness directly related to the quality of the door. These modern doors are manufactured in bulk quantity at different manufacturing units.

Poor quality Veneered doors are highly affected by extreme weather conditions and on the application of some products which was the cause of manufacturer instructions of avoiding certain products. Most of these warnings are a thing of the past but are still attached and may not be applicable in present times. So, most of the modern stains, varnishes, etc. can be used safely in the doors without negatively affecting the bonding agent or glue holding the Veneer in place.

Using stains, oils, waxes and varnishes

If you are using stains, oils, etc. against the manufacturer’s advice, then it will cause losing the warranty on the door. Anytime you want to use any product on the door, you should first use it on a small test area to judge whether there’s a negative effect or not.

Other maintenance activities

Another aspect of installing the wooden door is it should be hung perfectly to avoid any future problems like sticking of the doors. You should regularly check whether the hinge leaves are loose and if they are tighten the screws. In the case of stripped holes, use a wooden sliver, dipped in glue to properly fix the screw. If the top hinges are old, there’s a possibility of their getting bent, so exchange the lower hinges with the upper ones.

Taking care, while you choose a door that suits your home and budget may make you find a good quality one that may stay with you for a long time with minimal hassle. Periodic maintenance will help in prolonging their lives and keep them functional and in good condition to suit the interior of your home.

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