Benefits of Plastic Buckles

Most people use buckles nearly every day, whether they’re on their clothing, a bag’s strap, on a child’s stroller, or any other number of places. But, most people rarely take the time to reflect on the usefulness of these buckles as well as the convenience these buckles add to them. Buckles have been used for centuries, but it’s plastic buckles that have made buckles themselves more versatile and affordable. There are many benefits of plastic buckles that you should know about.

Numerous Types

One of the greatest advantages of plastic buckles is that they can be manufactured in a variety of buckle types. Side release buckles are a popular choice because they’re sturdy and easy to open when pushing down on both sides to release. Although easy for adults to open, plastic side release buckles are good for strapping in children whose hands are generally not large or strong enough to release both sides of the buckle at the same time. Plastic buckles can also come in center release forms, safety lock, strap lock, and cam buckles that just have to be pulled up on one side to release.


Plastic locks are also great because they’re inexpensive to manufacture. Plastic isn’t nearly as expensive as metal, so it’s more affordable to add buckles to different types of merchandise without driving up the overall cost of the bag, purse, or clothing. In addition to being inexpensive, plastic buckles can be recycled once they’ve reached their lifespan, so they’re better for the environment as well.


Plastic buckles are a durable option because they don’t require any special care. They’re resistant to harsh elements and won’t rust or corrode like metal, so they can be used in almost any environment without the chances of buckle failure. Plastic buckles are resistant to frequent wear and impact, which is why most luggage comes equipped with it. They also have a lot of tensile strength, so they can be trusted to hold on straps used for load securing.

Size and Design Options

Plastic buckles also come in many different sizes. They can be as small as a half inch, and up to a few inches in size. Even the different styles of buckles themselves can have different design options, like some plastic side release buckles that are made in different styles. These size and design options make them a good choice for almost any application.

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