Automating Your Expense System for Easier, Safer, Compliant Transactions

At the heart of your success as a business owner is the ability to successfully manage the plethora of business expenses you incur every day. With the global reach of so many companies, transactions are being scrutinized more diligently by authorities looking for bribery, fraud and other forms of currency-related corruption. You want to ensure that your business runs on FCPA compliance software, protecting yourself from FCPA-related fines and damage to your business’s reputation. By automating your business travel and expense tracking, instead of envelopes stuffed with receipts handed over to finance for manual entry, you save your business time and money. This was the vision of over 25 years ago.

Doing Business With a Global Partner

While you want to outsource your expense management systems to a company with the appropriate software, it’s also nice to know that you are doing business with a company that takes social responsibility seriously. Employees are offered paid time to volunteer. Non-profit organizations are supported with donations and strategic partnerships. You’ll want to know you’ll be partnering with a company offering FCPA compliance to multinational companies with the same world-wide structure and employees, supporting communities all over the globe with mobile teaching labs, disaster relief and health clinics and research into conquering life-threatening illnesses. With eight offices in the US, one office in Mexico, one office in Canada, one office in Brazil, three in the UK, one in Austria, one in Belgium, and more offices throughout Europe and the Netherlands, you have a world-wide partner.

How it Works

While being in FCPA compliance, you’ll be thinking about making it easier and quicker for your employees to report their expenses and even get a forecast of what those expenses might look like before they happen. With more and more people relying on their mobile devices to keep track of everything that runs their life, wouldn’t it be nice to provide your employees the opportunity to expense their purchases through their smartphone app and not have to save a paper receipt? Wouldn’t it be nice for an expense report to virtually write itself in real time? All of this and more is possible and happening right now. And all with FCPA compliance software. With cloud-based solutions, your company’s spending is completely transparent.

The Products

Not only do you have access to fully integrated travel and expense management, your business can effortlessly keep abreast of invoices and billing using FCPA compliance software. Your invoice records are connected via integrated software, whether it’s a PO, an e-invoice or a paper trail.

When your employees are traveling, you will easily be able to track them around the globe by integrated mapping, enabling you to make sure they are safe. You can communicate with your people automatically no matter where they are or how their travel was booked.

Integrated travel and expense management is available through with solutions to support small business, the federal government, the healthcare industry and colleges and universities. Also supported are the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries. Get off the paper trail and into cloud-based solutions today!

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