Be Your Own Agent to Move Ahead in the Acting Career

There are millions of people who dream of becoming a star. Not everyone can achieve what they desire. However, little hard work and dedication can get you to that place. Whether you are practicing for a movie, TV or theatre, all need is a good preparation.

There are so many things that we can say about acting industry. It is competitive, rough, harsh and yet entertaining. As a struggler, you have to give auditions for the team that may include director, producer, writer and many other crew members.

People do get nervous even after hard work, which is natural. However, you should also remember that one audition can change your life. You can either be rejected or selected for the event. You need to practice a lot, which include lot of skills and talent.

The best way to succeed in the Showbiz is to hire an agent. These agents arrange a workshop, prepare you for auditions and set an appointment to meet your casting director. So basically, they handle the difficult part of audition. Amy Gossels casting agency prepares people for commercials, movies and TV projects. Amy Gossel is an expert, who casts, produces and sets auditions for people.

Not everybody has the chance to get an agency. Imagine a child who is new in this profession and does not get time to be trained. Does that mean the child will not be prepared for auditions? In such cases, you need to become your own agent. When you become your own agent you need to make lot of effort-

  • You need to do lot of research work on finding the producer of the show or film.
  • Get hold of any crew member for that show or film, who can take you to their casting director.
  • Keep your network strong in this industry, as it helps a lot in gathering information.
  • Most importantly, prepare your own resume or headshot and your video reel, and send it to your casting director, or upload it on different websites that handle such auditions.
  • You can also check various publications who announce casting notices.
  • Attending casting workshops allows you to meet various casting directors personally.
  • With a minimal monthly payment, you can place your headshot as well as your resume in any casting websites.
  • May be sometimes you might get minor roles, as the major roles are taken away by agencies. However, even small roles can be the beginning.

Many of us try to meet casting directors through workshops, but we need to realize that the crowd is huge. Casting directors just not pick anyone from the crowd. Thus, you need to show extraordinarily dignified skill that can help you in selection.

Once you have nailed the audition, the work is not done. There are many who clear the audition level, but only one gets selected. So, you should have professional headshot that can catch any eye. Resume goes next, which should have all your experience skills and talents listed.

Be yourself when you walk in to the hall. Your self confidence and smile can help you get to any stage.

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