5 Ways an In-Home Caregiver Can Assist You

People choose to hire in-home caregivers for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to recover from an injury or illness, but often caregivers assist adults who have a long-term illness that requires assistance or who are reaching the end of life. Caregivers who provide home care in Costa Mesa do more than provide health services. Check out the other ways a caregiver can help you.


Many people who need home care in Laguna Beach need it because they are not as mobile as they once were. Caregivers can assist with light housekeeping to ensure the patient remains in a safe environment. Most will wash dishes, vacuum or sweep floors and wipe down counters as needed. Many will perform larger tasks as well


It can be difficult for aging patients or those with mobility issues to get to and from doctor’s appointments or to run other errands on their own. Caregivers are typically required to have valid driver’s licenses so they can assist with errands. In addition to driving to and from appointments, many caregivers will take patients to the bank, to pay bills, to do the grocery shopping or to recreational activities.

Meal Preparation

Nutrition is an important part of staying healthy for people of every age, but some patients simply can’t do their own cooking. People who provide home care in Costa Mesa meet with patients’ doctors or nutritionists to learn about their dietary needs and create meal plans that meet those needs. Live-in caregivers will often prepare each meal and live-out aides may prepare several in advance for the patient to reheat as needed.


Studies have proven that people who have regular interaction with other people heal faster and live longer. Unfortunately, some people don’t have a strong support system in their friends or family members, which is where a caregiver comes in. Many of them are more than happy to sit down with their patients to have long conversations, play board or card games or even just watch a movie together.

Personal Care

Proper bathing, dressing and other hygiene tasks are more important than ever when someone is healing, but not every patient can continue the tasks on their own. Caregivers often help patients use the restroom, bathe or shower, wash their hair, brush their teeth and get dressed.

When seeking someone to provide home care in Costa Mesa, do so through a licensed agency that has an excellent reputation with current and former clients. 24Hr HomeCare is one such example.


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